Master Christian Ambassadors

Study to show thy self approved into god. kjv 2 tim. 2:15 

Corporate sponsorships are an excellent way of supporting the community where your customers and employees live and work, while at the same time increasing your company’s competitive advantage through improved corporate image and reputation. Master Christian Ambassadors will work with your company to build collaborative partnership that aligns with your business goals, and reflects the values that guide your business. We welcome your company to work with us to build a successful, meaningful and long-lasting partnership. There are many ways to get your company involved with the Master Christian Ambassadors– below are just a few. 

•Sponsor a program or event:

       build goodwill and while investing in your local community.

•Match your employees’ charitable gifts:

       acknowledge your employees' commitment to our cause by multiplying the impact of their donations.

•Get your staff involved:

       build team spirit and workforce morale through employee volunteer initiatives.

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NTEE: B Educational Services
Nonprofit Tax Code Designation: 8399
501(c)(3) Defined as: Organizations for any of the following purposes: religious, educational, charitable, Donations to this organization are tax deductible. 501(c)(3).

For more information about corporate sponsorship opportunities,

Please contact Philandis Wimbush at (706) 421-5126,

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